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Page Updated: Friday, January 31st, 2012 11:48am MST
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Phasho (Etiquette Wyze) Music Player/ Discography
* Codenames: Phasho-Etiquette Wyze, Handprint
* Skillz: Emcee-Vocalist
* Label: Hooded Qobra Entertainment
* HQ Since: 2008
* Lyricist Since: 1991
* Vocalist Since: ????
* Online:
* Online:

"The name is Phasho aka Etiquette Wise, been workin in Rap & Hip Hop ever since 11 ears old, mainly an Artist, but willing to learn production and beat making.

Has One Mixtape about to Drop and Working on the 2nd, and My Original album will follow the 2nd Mixtape. Working with Some of the Greatest Producers and Artists this Game can offer, My Producer/ Artist/ Graphic Designer/...well You get the point...His ame is KnightVizion, I have the privelage to be working with this Humble Man, also several other Artists and Producers such as Segin Brown, Ruptiv, Fabel, Anthony Analog, Stress, Mic Fan, Jroc and Several more...

Much Love and Respect to ALL who work HARD for their Own Music and Real Lifestyles..No Fake Shit. I"ve Been Performing for as long as I can remember, Never had fear to jump in front of an Audience of people..Love to be the Center of Atention.

My Influences consist of several: Big Pun, Notorious BIG, 2pac, Big L, Jay Z, Nas, DMX, LL Cool J, Method Man, Redman, also I get mad Influence from Local Artists such as vrious other Artists in AZ and any other state reppin it locally.

1999 was the first time I tried Singing and Vocalizing my Voice, My voice was WAY better back then, over the years of Smoking and Drinking and Stressing my vocal cords, I have Lost that Good Sound and gained a Deep Raspy Voice that Woman Love to Hear, and Men Are Intimidated by." -Phasho
Artist: Phasho
Title: Witness The Coming (Rereleased)
Label: Hooded Qobra Entertainment
Release Date: 1st Quarter 12
Feature Guests: KnightVizion, Ruptiv, Anthony Analog
Concept: This is the rereleased bersion, the original version was a limited release, this will be the full release, Will added tracks,a nd enhanced quality. Totally revisited, and well worth the wait.This one will be hitting the streets very soon, so keep your 5 senses in you too, can WITNESS THE COMING.

Artist: Hooded Qobra Ent.
Title: TrAX MurderAZ
Label: Hooded Qobra Entertainment
Release Date: 10-31-10
Feature Guests: KnightVizion, Phasho, Ruptiv, Jihad Joe, Anthony Analog
Concept: This will be a Compilation, to Showcase the Talented Artists on Hooded Qobra Entertainment. Including KnightVizion, Phasho, Ruptiv, Anthony Analog, and Jihad Joe, you will see Solos from each artist, collabo tracks, and full roster Posse Cuts...all Beats will be produced by Hooded Qobra's In-house Producers, Tri-Qlopz of Dragon Heat Beats, Qobra VeNUMB of Dragon Heat Beats & Anthony Analog, the Cover is Designed by Qobra Khan GraPHX which is incorperated with Hooded Qobra Ent. so this project is 100% Hooded Qobra in every SHAPE and FORM. Be prepeared, to hear HARD HITTIN, BANGIN BEATs...mixed with ELITE LYRICS..and non-played out CONCEPTS...from start to finish...100% DOPE MUSIC...!!!

Phasho: Witness The Coming

Micheal Fanatic: Assisted Suicide
Calibur 7: Mic Club (Mixtape)
Hooligan Movement: Remixed & Repulsive
Unda Dog Studios: ?????

The Loft (Tempe Az.)
Mardi Gras (Scottsdale Az.)
The Sets (Tempe Az.)
The Lotus Club (Phoenix Az.)
Jug Heads (Phoenix Az.)
Chaser's (Scottsdale Az.)
Swift's (Tempe Az.)
Club Red (Tempe Az.)
Upper Deck (Scottsdale Az.)
Stray Cats (Mesa Az.)
The Blue Agave (Phoenix Az.)
Medizonas (Scottsdale Az.)
Big Fish Pub (Tempe Az.)
KC's (Gilbert Az.)
The Detour (Chandler Az.)
Wasted Velvet (Tempe Az.)