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Page Updated: Friday, September 17th, 2010 11:06pm MST
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Ruptiv Da Reaver Music Player/ Discography
* Codenames: Ruptiv da Reaper-Iron Choppz Jr.
* Skillz: Emcee-Vocalist
* Label: Hooded Qobra Entertainment
* HQ Since: 2009
* Lyricist Since: 2004
* Vocalist Since: 2009
* Online:
* Online:
* Online:

Ruptiv da Reaper a Truely Universal Emcee...Very Capable of composing Smash Hits, Radio well as droppin some deep heartfelt...and even grimey lyrical shit...there are not too many beats or styles, that he can not wreck. Not ONLY is he deadly with the lyrics...but he also by accident found out he possesses the capability of layin down melodic vocals...(ie. the hook on "Little Slut" on Cocaine Christ: New Crack Release: 2010) May 06, 2009 Ruptiv Signed with Hooded Qobra, With a Goal of Recording 1 Mixtape and 1 Full Length Album under the label. The mixtape Ruptiv: Eruption is Complete and Hit da Streets July 23rd 2010...The LP is underway and a Definate Classic.

Ruptiv has This to say: "I Was inspired by Ludacris and Cassidy at first, then I started getting deeper into music. I didn't really get serious with music till I was 17. My Friend JJ aka Apollo da Hollow Man (Former Rapper) inspired me and took my music to new heights. Even though I rap and all, I listen to alot of R&B and Soul music to get in touch with myself. I'm laid back and goofy, Love to have fun, and do music with any and everybody I can. What my goals in the music business are is simple: make it in, and start my own business, then I'll start donating money to my Church and other Churches and to the Community. I'm NOT tryin to be the best I'm Just Tryin to be KNOWN and REMEMBERED for accomplishing BIG THINGs before I LEAVE"

Ruptiv is still young in the game, still VERY HUNGRY...and eager to get out there...Freestyle game on point, writing game...phenominal, style ahead of his time, and ever evolving. This cat is NOT ANYWHERE NEAR HIS PRIME YET...He definately will be advancing lyrically even further then He is now. Be on the Lookout for Forthcoming Bangers from Ruptiv..!!!

Artist: Hooded Qobra Ent.
Title: TrAX MurderAZ
Label: Hooded Qobra Entertainment
Release Date: 10-31-10
Feature Guests: KnightVizion, Phasho, Ruptiv, Jihad Joe, Anthony Analog
Concept: This will be a Compilation, to Showcase the Talented Artists on Hooded Qobra Entertainment. Including KnightVizion, Phasho, Ruptiv, Anthony Analog, and Jihad Joe, you will see Solos from each artist, collabo tracks, and full roster Posse Cuts...all Beats will be produced by Hooded Qobra's In-house Producers, Tri-Qlopz of Dragon Heat Beats, Qobra VeNUMB of Dragon Heat Beats & Anthony Analog, the Cover is Designed by Qobra Khan GraPHX which is incorperated with Hooded Qobra Ent. so this project is 100% Hooded Qobra in every SHAPE and FORM. Be prepeared, to hear HARD HITTIN, BANGIN BEATs...mixed with ELITE LYRICS..and non-played out CONCEPTS...from start to finish...100% DOPE MUSIC...!!!

Artist: Ruptiv
Title: DisRUPTIV Behavior
Label: Hooded Qobra Entertainment
Release Date: 00-00-2011
Feature Guests: TBA
Concept: This Will Be Ruptiv's Debut SOLO Project, at this time..all I can say is YALL ARE NOT READY...!!!!!Just a few tracks into it...and I can already see this album BLOWIN DA FUCK UP...stay tuned....

Ruptiv: Eruption
Cocaine Christ: New Crack
Hooligan Movement: DNA (Demans N Angels)
Hooligan Movement: The Curse of Patrick Hooligan

Chaser's (Scottsdale Az.)
Club Red (Tempe Az.)
Stray Cats (Mesa Az.)
Big Fish Pub (Tempe Az.)
KC's (Gilbert Az.)
Native New Yorker (Mesa Az.)
Toso's (Phoenix)