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Page Updated: Saturday, July 8th, 2012 9:07pm MST
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Solo (Self Made) Music Player/ Discography
* Codenames: Solo
* Skillz: Emcee-Producer
* Label: Hooded Qobra Entertainment
* HQ Since: 2012
* Lyricist Since: 1996
* Producer Since: 2011
* Online:

Solo, Emcee, Producer, grew up ward of the state, Half Black, Half Mexican and grew up in a Mexican neighborhood, solo been through some things. Phoenix Native, born and raised. Solo used to be with a group called D.O.S. (Deciples of Survival. He started rapping in jail, and just kept it going from there. He took Street experience and Life experiences and put it into his music. At age 16 while Locked up in Adobe Mountain, the Chapel played a sond he did to all the inmates. Solo and Mrz.Undastud connect to make Self Made, they are both solo artists but they are working together on music currently. Solo hooked up with Hooded Qobra Ent. in 2012,, him and Mrz.Undastud started off as paying clients for studio time, and recorded 5 songs at the Qobra Pit, both sides were happy with what was produced form that encounter, and they discussed signing to the label. since then Solo has dropped verses on TrAX MurderAz, and fits in perfect witht he roster, and you will see more from him in the near future..both with Mrz.Undastud, The Qobraz..and SOLO...he says:
"My Music Speaks for its aint gotta like me, just like my music"

Artist: Hooded Qobra Ent.
Title: TrAX MurderAZ
Label: Hooded Qobra Entertainment
Release Date: 2012
Feature Guests: KnightVizion, Phasho, Ruptiv, Jroc, Anthony Analog, Solo, Mrz.Undastud, Sofujid, DataChaser, Tenakey
Concept: This will be a Compilation, to Showcase the Talented Artists on Hooded Qobra Entertainment. Including KnightVizion, Phasho, Ruptiv, Anthony Analog, Solo, Mrz.Undastud, Sofujid, Tenakey, DataChaser and Jihad Joe, you will see Solos from each artist, collabo tracks, and full roster Posse Cuts...all Beats will be produced by Hooded Qobra's In-house Producers, Tri-Qlopz of Dragon Heat Beats, Qobra VeNUMB of Dragon Heat Beats, Dijufos of Dragon Heat Beats, Manna Steele, DataChaser & Anthony Analog, the Cover is Designed by Qobra Khan GraPHX which is incorperated with Hooded Qobra Ent. so this project is 100% Hooded Qobra in every SHAPE and FORM. Be prepeared, to hear HARD HITTIN, BANGIN BEATs...mixed with ELITE LYRICS..and non-played out CONCEPTS...from start to finish...100% DOPE MUSIC...!!!

D.O.S. Deciples of Survival: Street Life Vol. 1

Hooded Qobra Presents: TrAX MurderAZ

Jughead's (Phoenix, Az.)
Afterlife (Scottsdale, Az.)
Club Red (Tempe, Az.)

Jackie Chain