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KnightVizion (ScorpionFist) Music Player/ Discography
* Codenames: KnightVizion-ScorpionFist-Tri~Qlopz
* Skillz: Emcee-Producer-Graphic Artist-Web Design
* Label: Hooded Qobra Ent./ Sun Cycle 360
* HQ Since: 2005
* Sun Cycle Since: 2015
* Lyricist Since: 1992
* Producer Since: 2000
* Graphic Artist Since: 2000
* Online:
* Online:

KnightVizion, a Supreme Lyricist, who's Versatility makes Him a Vital Part of The Line up, The Ability to Jump on ANY track, with ANY subject and Drop Heat. Not Only is He Versatile Lyricaly, He is also Versatile Skill wise. Besides Emceein, He Produces Beats, Designs Album Covers, Flyers, Business Cards Etc, including Web Sites. Well-Rounded, Great Work-Ethic and Business Minded, all attributes that make Him an Asset to HQE, He also Runs the Independent Label "Hooded Qobra Entertainment" and has 3 Artists He is Managing, Needless To Say, He has His Plate Full, yet is always looking to add more to it, and take on New Challenges. KnightVizion(also Known as ScorpionFist) is a Vet in the Arizona Hip-Hop Scene...Spittin since 1992, featuring on albums since 1997, co-running a label since 2000, and running his own since 2005. The Longest Remaining Member of Hooligan Movement, and He vows to be the "Last of the Hooligans" when the day comes that the crew Splits up for good...but stays positive that, that day will not come, at least for many many years. Album Wise, He has Featured on 20+ Albums, Including The Two Mixtapes He Has Dropped, and is Currently Working on His Debut Solo Album, as well as numerous Collabo Albums, not to mention The Hooligan Projects, So look forward to Seeing alot Drop with His Name on it real soon. KnightVizions Main focus right now, is getting the Label to that next level, as well as Hooligan Movement, and Make good music.

Artist: KnightVizion
Title: Knowledge is Power, Ignorance is Bliss
Label: Hooded Qobra Entertainment
Release Date: 4th Quarter 2020
Feature Guests: C Rayz Walz, Crooked I, Canibus, Mister Miranda, MedafORACLE, Joey Baggs, Loki, Knox Milli, and Many More
Concept: The Concept behind This Album, is: In Life most people are Sheep, Grazing Aimlessly in the pursuit of "what" they don't Know, and for the most part don't care, I came to a point in my Life where I was gaining SO MUCH knowledge about how this world REALLY operates, it made me sick, and I got to the point where I felt there was NO REASON to go on, that life was meaningless, "Like Grasping for the wind", indeed, the knowledge was useful, and by knowing what I knew I am able to use that knowledge to have POWER over my own Life, to an extent, Hence "Knowledge is Power". Meanwhile many others didn't wanna hear the knowledge and game I was tryin to put them up on. Reason number one being "Fear", basically being in the Dark was more COMFORTABLE to them, then knowing the crazy foul shit that was going on around them...hence "Ignorance is Bliss", So I Came to the Conclusion, that the entire world is made up of these two kinds of people, so I figured since it was a big part of my life at this time, and since pretty much everyone falls into one category or the other, everyone should be able to relate to this release, as well as, I may come to help myself out, with unanswered questions, and beliefs, due to putting the time and energy into preparing, Recording, and releasing this project. I Hope all Will get something from the release, it will expose different Wisdom, Knowledge and beliefs, and touch on many different struggles, weather Physical, Mental, Emotional, Sexual, Spiritual, Financial, Political...etc. Lyrics will be Top Notch, Production will be next level, definitely destined to be a Solid Release.

This will be a Double Album, with one Disc being "Knowledge" & one disc being "Ignorance", on the Knowledge disc, the production will be more underground, some emotion provoking, and I will touch on many deep subjects, and things that people can relate to. Cats who are TRUE Hip-Hop heads will dig this side, it will be more lyrical, deep, conscious, and real. The Ignorance Disc, will have more commercial sounding production, and catchy hooks, and will pay close attention to the life styles of those who don't care, would rather be blinded by worldly things, pleasures, and partying, there will be clubby type tracks etc. Now this is NOT my style, but I can do it as good if not better than most cats who devote their lives to doing it. But I am doing it to show the contrast, and to show "A fool can't be wise, but a Wiseman can act a fool". Trendy commercial type heads will dig this one more, although I will include enough of myself in them that TRUE Hip-Hop heads can still enjoy it.

Artist: Hooded Qobra Ent.
Title: TrAX MurderAZ
Label: Hooded Qobra Entertainment
Release Date: October 31st, 2020
Feature Guests: KnightVizion, Phasho, Ruptiv, Jroc, Anthony Analog, Solo, Mrz.Undastud, Sofujid, DataChaser, Tenakey
Concept: This will be a Compilation, to Showcase the Talented Artists on Hooded Qobra Entertainment. Including KnightVizion, Phasho, Ruptiv, Anthony Analog, Solo, Mrz.Undastud, Sofujid, Tenakey, DataChaser and Jihad Joe, you will see Solos from each artist, collabo tracks, and full roster Posse Cuts...all Beats will be produced by Hooded Qobra's In-house Producers, Tri-Qlopz of Dragon Heat Beats, Qobra VeNUMB of Dragon Heat Beats & Anthony Analog, the Cover is Designed by Qobra Khan GraPHX which is incorperated with Hooded Qobra Ent. so this project is 100% Hooded Qobra in every SHAPE and FORM. Be prepeared, to hear HARD HITTIN, BANGIN BEATs...mixed with ELITE LYRICS..and non-played out CONCEPTS...from start to finish...100% DOPE MUSIC...!!!

Artist: KnightVizion
Title: Dukez of Hazzard (No Floes Barred)
Label: Hooded Qobra Entertainment
Release Date: 2nd Quarter 2020
Feature Guests: Hooded Qobra
Concept: This is The Third and Final Installment in the Popular Dukez of Hazzard Mixtape Series. As Always Vizion will be on some "Punch You in the Face" Shit, Many people have deemed the Dukez of Hazzard Series as "Violent" etc... Vizon says this: "Naw, If you listen from the first to the 3rd anyone who has any intellegence will understand, that this album is a step down from the violence we hear on a daily basis from emcees x,y,z, out there today, the message of the Dukez of Hazzard Series is this: Be a Man...put down ya guns...and ball up ya fists...point blank...a bitch ni66a can shoot someone...theres no honor in that..if you shoot someone who is un-armed...your a punk...I understand if da ni66a shot up ya homie...or raped ya sister...but if you get in some melee shit...and you gotta pull heat...yous a bitch...I'm tryin to bring it back to scrappin in the street...this third installment, is no different..."No Floes Barred" meaning, I'm not holdin ANYTHING back in my Lyrics...just like in my day to day...if I think it...or feel it....I'm a Say it....word up...I'm a Go all out on this one...its Definately FOR THE STREETS....Real Mu'fuqaz will feel it....busta azz punk mu'fuqaz will have negative shit to say bout it...cuz it exposes punk ass ni66az like they-self like I said on the opening track on the first Dukez of Hazzard CD "if your REAL, LOVE THIS SHIT, and BUMP THIS SHIT...if your FAKE, TAKE THIS SHIT, and HATE THIS SHIT" that statement holds true still to this day....Respect to the Real...Death to the

Artist: ADHD
Title: ADHD
Label: Hooded Qobra Entertainment/ I.M.E. Entertainment
Release Date: TBA
Feature Guests: KnightVizion, Ruptiv
Concept: This is a Collabo Project between Ruptiv & KnightVizion: The Acronym...thee is none...yet there is some...why this name? well if you got Ruptiv and KnightVizion together in one room...for any given period of time you would know why...there are two Hyper ass Emcees...and they dont pay attention to Bullshit...!!!!! This is a mixtape, be prepared to hear a phenominal beat selection, mixed with a combination of complex yet bouncy lyrics. There will be influence from both emcees on this one, there will be a variety.

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