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Page Updated: Friday, October 26th, 2012 12:41pm MST
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Sofujid (Thee Idiot) Music Player/ Discography
* Codenames: Sofujid (Thee Idiot) Dijufos
* Skillz: Emcee-Producer-Graphic Artist
* Label: Hooded Qobra Entertainment
* HQ Since: 2011
* Lyricist Since: 2000
* Producer Since: 2000
* Graphic Artist Since: 2000
* Online:

Hailing from the streets of south Phoenix, Arizona SOFUJID has seen the good and the bad in the hood from run-ins with the police to being shot as a teenager. Music has always been SOFUJID's saving grace and in 2001 he released an E.P. entitled, "Let 'Em Havit" soon he was performing at various local shows and getting his music played on local and college radio. Around the time of SOFUJID's first release he was instrumental in the formation of the original group-Hall of Just Us with whom he released a two song c.d. to the streets, performed a multitude of local shows, and also had music played on college and local radio. Hall of Just Us disbanded a year later so SOUJFID took time away from music to raise a family and mourn the loss of his mother who passed away that same year. Upon his resurgence into the music scene, SOFUJID released several songs which he spread across the world via the internet and through various mixtape features including projects with; New York Djs Handspin Deniro and Maximum Pressure, Rhode Island Dj Head Honcho, and Washington Dj Hawskee.

During SOFUJID's return he also performed various shows with many local artists including a series of shows at the now defunct Emerald lounge. This series of shows is where SOFUJID would meet KnightVizion, a decade later is when SOFUJID would see himself signed to KnightVizion's label-Hooded Qobra.

Sofujid raps for the people, known to take it a bit too far at times, but here to spread what he believes to be the truth in a world filled with lies. Sofujid has always been a part of the Arizona Hip Hop scene, though some may not have known him. Sofujid's belief is that if you don't know him and his music you soon will. Sleeping is not part of this South Phoenix native's plans and he does not believe it will be part of yours when listening to his music. Brace yourself and prepare for a ride into hyperspace via the hood with Sofujid Thee Idiot.

A talented individual all around, not only does he come correct with the floes, he also produces some Bangin Ass Beats! The first album to be dropped form Sofujid on Hooded Qobra Ent. is 90% self-produced. Needless to say he has the total package. Cool down to earth, yet can getrowdy with the best of them, He possesses charisma, is very knowledgable, and with both dope lyrics and ill production skills, productivity is not a problem with Sofu. He also has a hidden talent for Graphic Design, he does it all. Look forward to seeing Sofujid play a big role in future Hooded Qobra Released projects, from verses to beats, already he has featured on Fangz upcoming mixtape "Phoenix is My City", and is about to jump on some more very soon. A Vet in the scene, as he said on one of his forthcoming tracks "Took a Sabatical, now a Brotha can understand it mo'" after some time, he is back, and back at full strength, it is time...beware...of the INFESTATION..!!!!!

Artist: Hooded Qobra Ent.
Title: TrAX MurderAZ
Label: Hooded Qobra Entertainment
Release Date: 10-31-11
Feature Guests: KnightVizion, Phasho, Ruptiv, Jihad Joe, Anthony Analog, Fangz, Sofujid
Concept: This will be a Compilation, to Showcase the Talented Artists on Hooded Qobra Entertainment. Including KnightVizion, Phasho, Ruptiv, Anthony Analog, Fangz, Jihad Joe, and Sofujid, you will see Solos from each artist, collabo tracks, and full roster Posse Cuts...all Beats will be produced by Hooded Qobra's In-house Producers, Tri-Qlopz of Dragon Heat Beats, Qobra VeNUMB of Dragon Heat Beats, Anthony Analog, and Dijufos. The Cover is Designed by Qobra Khan GraPHX which is incorperated with Hooded Qobra Ent. so this project is 100% Hooded Qobra in every SHAPE and FORM. Be prepeared, to hear HARD HITTIN, BANGIN BEATs...mixed with ELITE LYRICS..and non-played out CONCEPTS...from start to finish...100% DOPE MUSIC...!!!

Artist: Sofujid
Title: The Infestation
Label: Hooded Qobra Entertainment
Release Date: TBA
Feature Guests: KnightVizion, Data Chaser
Concept: This will be Sofujid's first release on Hooded Qobra Entertainment. It will contain, fire ass lyrics, dope concepts and subjects, top notch production form Dijufos, Tri~Qlopz, and Data Chaser. Also Guest appearences from Data Chaser, and the entire Hooded Qobra roster. There is a little bit of something for everyone on this joint. be prepared, to take a trip on a true life journey on such tracks as "Rollin in da Cutty", then watch the groove change up on tracks like "Pray for me" which is a life struggle shit, that most street cats can relate to. Then its "Stack Time" which a street anthem, tell cats to get them grind on by any means neccessary, as he suggests on the hook "Mashin in da Rental, mobbin in ya TENNIS SHOES//stackin up paper, bout to have it, WHEN IT's THROUGH//Shakin negative, can't let NOBODY STOP YOU//Roll witcha boy, YA KNOW..I GOTCHU!!//" And through out the album, there are gallons of street knowledge, real life shit, and no watered-down fake shit, This is only for real cats...real recognize real...REAL TALK..!!!

Sofujid: The Infestation

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The Emerald Lounge (Phoenix Az.)
Red Owl (Tempe Az.)
Big Fish Pub (Tempe)
Chasers (Tempe)
Wasted Velvet (Tempe)
Club Red (Tempe)
16th Street Sports Bar & Grill (Phoenix)
Martini Ranch (Scottsdale)
ASU (Tempe)
Back Yard Boogie (Phoenix)

Crooked I
Horse Shoe Gang
Jackie Chain
C Rayz Walz