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Performances Hooded Qobra Entertainment Albums (Upcoming/ Released)

Presented By: Strait L8ced & Bionic Jive Ent.
What: Yukmouth: All G.A.S. No Breaks Tour
Headliner: Yukmouth
Supporting Act: Ako Mack, KnightVizion, Mr. Phasho, G-Moe & Young Phee, Nov The Zoner, Jay Mack
Where: Joe's Grotto (13825 N. 32nd Street. Phoenix)
When: Friday July 25th 2014

Presented By: Pearlzmen Productions
What: Phasho: The Throne For The Crown Album Release Party
Headliner: Phasho & Jackie Chain
Supporting Acts: Gabriel & Friskolay, Been Cold, Willz, B Face, Len Bak & More
Where: The Big Fish Pub (1954 E. University Dr. (Tempe)
When: Saturday Jan. 11th 2014

Presented by: Paid Made Promotions & World Wide Hip Hop
Performing: M.E., KnightVizion, RJ Shootah, Shoe Box Money Gang, Mega Man
Where: Abad's Gym 2662 E. University Dr. (Mesa)
When: Sat June 15th 2013

Presented by: Pearlzmen
Headliner: Jackie Chain
Performing: Hooded Qobra Ent., Been Cold, Benedic Senseberth
Where: Martini Ranch 7293 E. Stetson (Scottsdale)
When: Wed May 15th 2013

Presented by: PHX City Entertainment
Performing: Hooded Qobra Ent., Sofujid Theeidiot, Been Cold, Kamoni Khem, Cali Boy Gookie, Young Spider, Milloto Mercy, Fresh C & Ploof, DNA Ent. KG, Big Maal, Troublez Dueceonine, Zonafide Ent., Aquarius Jones, Lonny Breaux, Killa City, 10h Ent, Blaq Rag Ent., Yung Swuahmullik
Where: Skip and Jan's 7700 S. Priest Dr. (Tempe)
When: Sun April 7th 2013

Presented by: Bob Domestic
Performing: KnightVizion, Bob Domestic, Span Phly, Phal Kilmer, Orangubang, Q + Blindson, E-Coco
Where: Pub Rock Live 8005 E. Roosevelt St.(Scottsdale)
When: Wed Mar. 27th 2013

Presented by: Tony Cass * H8tred Ent.
Performing: Hooded Qobra Ent., Magnanomus, Dapper Dan, Bi Meridox, Black One, DJ Babel, PinkyThink Music, Sumo Corleone, Le Kong
Where: Pub Rock Live 8005 E. Roosevelt St.(Scottsdale)
When: Saturday Mar. 9th 2013

Presented by: Paid Made Music
Performing: Hooded Qobra Ent., M.E., Floss Genius, Nel Brooks, Bomb Nameless, C-Note, Nicole Asia, SugaWallz, Jade Lillie, Slim Goodie, Rum Nitty, Mega Man, G-Skrill, Charlie West, Phunsiz, Tonka, 5150, Rocadopolos
Where: Goathead Saloon 1432 S. Country Club Dr. (Mesa)
When: Friday Feb. 15th 2013

Presented By: Pearlzmen
Headliner: Ras Kass
Performing: Hooded Qobra Ent., Been Cold, Pokafase, Mega Man
Where: Martini Ranch7295 E. Stetson(Scottsdale)
When: Thursday Jan. 24th 2013

Performing: Knox Milli & KnightVizion, Aquarius Jones, J Story, J Humble, Manish Menace, RJ Shootah, Cjinese Charlie, King Hustle, K Neezy, Slim Goodie, Young Duece
Where: The Big Fish Pub 1954 E. University Dr.(Tempe)
When: Friday Jan. 18th 2013

Presented By: Killa City
What: Street Summit V "New Years Celebrtion"
Performing: Hooded Qobra Ent., Killacity, Bucceye Boney Bone, Deen Diablo, BFF, Boogeyman, Wo Nyce, SD
Where: 16th Street Sports Bar 6522 N. 16th St.(Pheonix)
When: Thursday Jan. 10th 2013

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It is Closer than you Think. KnightVizion: "Knowledge is Power, Ignorance is Bliss" the DOUBLE ALBUM, will be releasing soon. 40 Bangin Tracks, spanned across TWO albums, Each disc has it's own Theme, The Knowledge Disc, and the Ignorance Disc. Whether you are a Boom Bap Underground Hip Hop Head....or you want some music you just zone out and go crazy on....ther is a Disc for you...this is The PEOPLE's album, something EVERYONE can dig. Don't be one of the Few to miss this bus, GARENTEED CLASSIC album. STAY TUNED.
Hooded Qobra @Club Red Legend C-Rayz Walz Came through "Da Qobra Pit" Hooded Qobra Studios and dropped some heat, Mad Respect and Love to C-Rayz Walz ... SALUTE..!!!!

Canibus dropped Verse for track titled "God" on Hooded Qobra Recording Artist Anthony Analog's forthcoming album "Anthony Analog: Source Energy". The track features Know1mc, Canibus, KnightVizion, Anthony Analog (in order of appearance in above picture). Ras Kass has also dropped a Verse for this same album. Stay tuned, for more info on this an other HQ Releases as they occur.


Hooded Qobra Entertainment: Venomous Hip its Purest Form...Founded in 2005, 13 Years old...The Independent Label is at a point to Make its Presence a real way...9 albums have dropped on the label in those 13 years...and over 100 shows have been performed between the artists on the label.

The Current Roster Includes KnightVizion (ScorpionFist), Phasho (Handprint), Ruptiv da Reaper, Jroc (Staffmemberz), Sofujid (theeidiot), all of whom are working on Solo Projects. KnightVizion is working on a mixtape & a Solo project...Phasho is Rereleasing his Mixtape, & just finished his Solo Piece...Ruptiv just finished His solo album, Jroc is working on a Mixtape.., Sofujid is just finishing up his first LP to be released on the Label...a side from solos, most are also working on various Side Projects. They stay busy to say the least.

HQE lost a few members over the last few years...and gained a few...but over all...the roster right now, is Solid, and consist of those who are bout their business, and not in slacker mode. 2013 is the "Year of the Qobra" the projects to be released...and moves that will be made this year...will prove it...stay tuned...!!!!

KnightVizion: aka ScorpionFist (Emcee, Producer, Graphic Artist, Web Design) Versatile, In ya face, Knowledgeable, Heart-Felt, Evil, are a few words that describe KVIII, Respectfull, Deadly, Demonic, Angellic, are a few more..hard Work Ethic..and Superior Focus...

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Phasho: aka Etiquette Wyze (Emcee, Vocalist) Phasho is a cool character..the type you would love to take to a house party and wil' out with...deep lyrics, mixed with a style that will definately getchu up outta ya seat...and ya dame up outta here out now..!!! the Streets Meets the Club....
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Ruptiv da Reaper: (Emcee, Vocalist) Ruptiv da Reaper....brings the Chi-town Swag for lack of better Phoenicia..He can get ya Movin in Da Club...or he can Dig into an Emcees Chest with Hardcore Lyrics, Very Versatile, and a Great Addition to The label....
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Jroc: aka Staffmemberz (Emcee, Producer) A Veteran in the Scene, Grimey Street Poetic Lyrics, In your Face, Brutal at times, yet Touches on Real Life Events all can relate to. and Produces Next Level Beats. Full Package
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Sofujid: (Emcee, Producer, Graphic Artist) A Vet of the Arizona Hip-Hop Scene, Sofujid has been around for a long minute, Took some time off to get things in order, and now he is back for the #Infestation to take place. Aside from droppin dope real life rhymes, Sofujid also knocks out hard hittin beats, and can get down on the graphics tip. Well-rounded individual. With a great Respect for life and music, only good things can come of that.
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Solo: (Emcee, Producer) Solo, like a lone wolk on the prowl, this emcee is hungry for success. With the skill and ability to match his hunger, it is only a matter of time before Solo makes it they is Lonely at the top... #Solo
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Artist: Pharaoh Khan
Title: A Pyramid The Chaos
Release: 4th Quarter 2020
# of Tracks: 6 (EP)
Style: Boom Bap/ Grimy/Knowledge

Artist: KnightVizion
Title: Knowledge is Power,
Ignorance is Bliss
Release: 4th Quarter 2020
# of Tracks: 40 (Double Album)
Style: Underground/Commercial

Artist: Phasho
Title: The Throne For The Crown
Release: March 17th, 2014
# of Tracks: 16
Style: Street/Life/Commercial

Artist: Fangz
Title: Phoenix Is My City
Released: 08-26-11
# of Tracks: 13
Style:Chillin In Park, Street, Life

Artist: Ruptiv
Title: Eruption
Release: 07-23-10
# of Tracks: 14
Style: Club/ Life Struggles

Artist: Cocaine Christ
Title: New Crack
Release: 01-29-10
# of Tracks: 18
Style: Club/ Grimey

Artist: Jroc
Title: The Myth, The Legend
Release: 00-00-09
# of Tracks: 9
Style: Brutal

Artist: Phasho
Title: Witness The Coming
Release: 00-00-08
# of Tracks: 14
Style: Street, Struggle, Club, Grimey

Artist: KnightVizion
Title: Dukez of Hazzard: IInd Round KO
Release: 02-29-08
# of Tracks: 25
Style: Brutal, Knowledge, Boom Bap, Grimey (Versatile)

Artist: Micheal Fanatic
Title: Assisted Suicide
Release: 10-23-06
# of Tracks: 16
Style: Grimey, Club, (Versatile)

Artist: KnightVizion
Title: Dukez of Hazzard
Release: 10-23-06
# of Tracks: 26
Style: Brutal, Knowledge, Boom Bap, Grimey (Versatile)